Goodbye's the saddest word I'll ever hear

Mamma you gave life to me, turned a baby into a lady. Mamma, all you had to offer was the promise of a lifetime of love. Now I know, there is no other love like a mother's love for her child. And I know a love so complete, someday must leave. Must say goodbye. Mamma, I'll be your beacon through the darkest nights, I'll be the wings that guide your broken flight. I'll be your shelter through the raging storm. And I will love you 'till forever comes. Till we meet again... Until then...
Goodbye ♥



♥ Mamma mi og meg - sov godt min engel ♥

oneblogoneworld by Ida

14.08.2013 kl.18:25

Åh.. :')

Jeanette Larsen

14.08.2013 kl.18:33

Kondolerer så mye <3 Trist å lese at du har mistet moren din...

Vanja - Min lille verden

14.08.2013 kl.18:34

Jeanette Larsen: <3<3

Vanja - Min lille verden

14.08.2013 kl.18:34

oneblogoneworld by Ida: <3


14.08.2013 kl.20:18

det var veldig fint og rørende skrevet da.

en god klem fra meg :)

Vanja - Min lille verden

14.08.2013 kl.22:07

christian: :))